Informed Delivery is seeing big growth in subscribers and campaigns according to Bob Dixon, director of product technology innovation at the USPS.  The PMG team spoke with Bob Dixon last week to get the latest updates on this exciting new service and get answers to our questions.

Here are the highlights from our conversation:

  • There are now 10 million users nationwide, including 5 million email-enabled users, who receive Daily Digest emails, which provide a preview of upcoming mail.
  • The average email open rate for these Daily Digest emails is an impressive 72.5%.
  • The USPS wants to double the number of subscribers to 20 million by this October. They’re planning an aggressive multi-channel campaign to help meet this goal.
  • 475 brands are currently participating in Informed Delivery campaigns, representing many different industries.
  • 2,076 campaigns have been created to date.
  • Nonprofit organizations have had the most successful campaigns, based on click through rates!
  • The USPS is working hard on several fronts to make the sign-up process easier to accelerate subscriber growth.

We had several questions for Bob, related to the campaigns we’ve been managing for our clients. Here are just a few of the fascinating insights he shared with us:

QWhen will the free campaign test period end, and what will the pricing structure look like when the program rolls out?

There are no plans to charge marketers or subscribers for this service yet. Eventually the USPS will try to monetize new and enhanced services beyond the basic program. But for now, they want to avoid adding cost barriers given the digital competition. This product shows that digital and direct mail can work together, and they want more consumers and marketers to understand its value and use it.

QOnce Informed Delivery catches on with more marketers, how will multiple, competing campaigns be positioned in the Daily Digest emails?

Right now, any direct mail piece with a campaign rises to the top, above the gray scale scanned images. The order is intentionally randomized if a subscriber receives more than one campaign in their email. The USPS is trying to be fair. However, there is a monetization opportunity in the future for marketers to pay for position.

QWhen enhanced services do become available, will there be different nonprofit and commercial rates?

The USPS is looking into this, but nothing has been determined yet.

QWhat new features can we expect in the future?


The Informed Delivery team is currently testing packages (parcels) with ride along content. They are also developing a coupon feature, which would allow a mobile device to add a coupon to a digital wallet. And they’re exploring a click-to-call feature. They are committed to exploring and testing new technologies to benefit consumers and marketers alike.

Take advantage of free informed delivery campaigns

It’s time to jump in and make a splash with Informed Delivery 

With Informed Delivery, mailers get to integrate their direct mail campaigns with colorful, digital campaign elements featuring customized images and URL links that “extend the mail moment” as the USPS says. It can help boost response, link digital content, reinforce brand, and provide a deeper customer and donor experience. And for now, it’s free.

If you’re not yet familiar with Informed Delivery, now is the time to participate, as both a subscriber and a marketer. The PMG team has managed a number of successful Informed Delivery campaigns for our clients. We can share our experience, and help with both campaign strategy and implementation, making it surprisingly easy for you.

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