Plan Ahead Now for Your Paper Needs:

Price Increases and Longer Lead Times are Impacting Direct Mail Programs

paper prices increasePaper prices and availability have been stable for a few years now, but unfortunately that’s changing. Prices are increasing and ordering lead times are growing much longer, impacting direct mail budgets and schedules.

Stronger demand for paper, reduced production capacity and transportation challenges are the primary drivers for these market conditions. We expect these trends to continue through 2018.

Since paper is the life-blood of the printing industry, it’s critical to plan ahead. Especially for large direct mail projects. The earlier you can alert your suppliers to your specific needs for upcoming campaigns and your annual program, the better.

Printing companies with a strong history of purchasing large tonnage from select mills will have an advantage securing paper to meet customer needs. But costs will be higher. And specific paper types may not be available. Rush jobs or unplanned projects may have to settle for paper that’s available versus a preferred stock.

We’re working with our printer partners to keep more paper readily available for our clients at the best possible price. Now more than ever, it’s important to do long-range planning for your programs.

PMG is here to help you plan ahead for your paper needs and advise you on industry trends. Contact us today to get started!