Rest Easy with A to Z Project Management

No matter how large or small your mail volume is, there are hundreds of details to manage for each mail campaign. You need a partner that will be a step ahead of each phase, preventing and eliminating issues, finding efficiencies in both cost and time, planning and managing to meet drop dates and overall reducing the workload on the nonprofit staff member who’s already bouncing lots of balls.

Here at PMG, we only manage direct mail for nonprofits, all day, every day – and we’ve been doing it since 1997.

Our approach brings to bear all our experience, systems, tools, network and communication to ensure your nonprofit direct mail campaign is produced on time, on budget and with as little effort on your part as possible. Working with PMG is like adding a member to your staff without the salary expense.

A to Z Project Management includes:

  • Preflight Service – In-house graphic artist to pre-flight every component of your mailing, to make small adjustments eliminating the delay and expense of sending it back to your artist and ensuring printers and mailhouses will be able to quickly and easily complete your job.
  • Digital Archive – We create and maintain an archive of all your jobs so there’s no more searching for components, logos or images.
  • Package Type Selection – Package type advice from the PMG team who has seen and done just about every package type out there. We’ll help advise you on costs, pitfalls and solutions that will help you meet your goals.
  • Data Processing – Our in-house data processing team will handle all your data needs including those last minute changes that always seem to arise. Using our in-house data processing saves you the time, expense and delay of using a service bureau to process your data files.
  • Innovative Management Tools – Our proprietary tools keep you in control and ahead of the curve.

    • JobRunner, our workflow management system for flawless project management.
    • Daily Hot Sheet to keep you up to date on each phase and task of your mailing so that any issues can be dealt with before they cause a delay.
    • Package Weight Calculator to precisely calculate your package’s weight BEFORE you produce it – eliminating the ‘oops’ factor.

Project Management For Nonprofits

Are you getting the most from your production management team?