Keep Track of Your Mailing From Anywhere in the World

Yes, you really can track both your outbound mail and your return mail no matter where you find yourself.  Our free MailTracker service allows you to log-in anytime, from anywhere to check on the delivery of your campaigns and the return mail or response of your mailings.

Easily view maps and download detailed reports so that you’re prepared for the response you’ll receive from your mailings. No matter if it is donations, online orders, calls to your office or call center, or customers walking through your doors, you’ll be ready and prepared.

Outbound and Return Mailings are Tracked in Real Time:

  • Our proprietary postal logistics tool uses your IMb to place codes on your outer and return envelopes, which allows us to track your mail and allows you to:

    • Alert your caging company and other mail processors as to peak volumes
    • Optimize timing of supporting online campaigns
    • Make early decisions about future campaigns
    • Launch subsequent campaigns without delay due to more readily available data
    • Avoid waiting for reports from mail processors

Outbound & Return Mail Tracking

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