After managing thousands of projects over two decades, one thing we’ve learned for sure is that saving money on direct mail production is a top priority for almost every organization.  But while this goal is universally shared, many marketers are unsure about exactly how to achieve it.

There are five major areas that can significantly affect the cost of producing and mailing a direct mail campaign:

  • Designing a Cost-Effective Mail Piece: Decisions made during the design process about sizes, shapes, stock, finishes, binding and fit can have a far-reaching impact on how expensive the mailing is to print and mail.
  • Carefully Selecting the Printer & Mail Shop: The secret to getting high-quality, low-cost bids is to approach printers and mail shops who specialize in the same type and size of mailing.
  • Avoiding problems during production: Well-designed preflight and press check reviews will help you catch any production problems while they’re still relatively inexpensive to fix.
  • Postal savings: The use of smart postal logistics strategies is often overlooked, but can net substantial savings.
  • Annual Planning: Managing your direct mail program on an annual basis rather than as a series of one-off mailings can save a surprising amount of money.

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