Beni Gibson Account SupervisorPMG is happy to announce a new Account Supervisor in our ranks. With 27 years successfully managing Direct Mail fundraising campaigns, print production and account management, Beni Gibson is the perfect addition to our Production team.

Beni has previously worked at a nonprofit organization and is looking forward to using her experience as a client in her new role at PMG. She’ll help provide budget reporting, handle production, and will seek ways to help our clients save money on their mailings.

Fluent in Spanish, Beni was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She met her husband of 36 years while attending college in Baltimore. They share a dog, Luna, who has jokingly been referred to as “her favorite daughter” (by her actual daughter.)

Her bucket list includes white water rafting, going up in a hot air balloon, and lots of traveling now that her kids are grown. The most recently marked off item? Zip gliding in Puerto Rico with her son! The one that’s no longer on her list? Skydiving: “I just decided I didn’t want to jump out of a plane anymore.” A wise choice, we think. (Although fellow employee, Ivan, may disagree.)

A delve into her genealogy revealed she has family roots in Barcelona. Now she has a trip planned to experience that beautiful city (stopping off in Italy as well, of course!) with her daughter, although it sounds like her husband and son might try to tag along, too. And who could blame them?

We’re thrilled to welcome you to the The PMG Family, Beni, and we can’t wait to hear all about your European adventures!