With a career that spans working at a mailshop, several nonprofit organizations, and a few agencies that serve nonprofits, we’re proud to welcome Ivan Jenkins to the production team at PMG as Senior Production Manager.

Art and materials collected? Check. Set-ups? Approved. Mail dropped? Right on time!

Ivan’s vast direct marketing experience will enable him to provide the highest level of service to our clients. He is looking forward to using his extensive experience and his passion for meeting mail dates while staying within budget to benefit PMG clients. Ivan remarked, “I love being able to help nonprofits raise money to fulfill their important missions.”

Ivan Jenkins joins PMG
Ivan working on his skydiving skills.

When he’s not checking off milestones, he enjoys spending time with his dog, a Border Collie, Pomeranian mix named Boogie. When we asked him what Boogie looks like, he reported that his pup looks like a small Lassie. (Not sure who Lassie is? Check this out.)

Recently, he has taken up the hobby of indoor skydiving. In addition to spending time floating in a column of air, Ivan also spends a lot of time volunteering at his church feeding the homeless and working with teens and gay teens. Despite the fact that he reports he may one day consider jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, we’re super happy to welcome him, his expertise, and his sensibilities to the PMG Family.