In the direct mail world, effective production management can be defined as “managing all elements of a mailing from design through production and entry into the mail stream in order to meet quality and mail date objectives while minimizing costs.”

Production management concerns itself with these questions:

  1. Has each piece been designed in a way that allows it to be cost-effectively produced? Sometimes a minor change in dimensions or stock can save a lot of money with only minimal effect on impact.
  1. Which printers and mail shops are best equipped to inexpensively produce each piece and/or assemble and mail the entire mailing? This requires knowledge of the types of jobs different companies specialize in and the run sizes that are their “sweet spot.”
  1. What needs to be done and by when to stay on track? Producing & delivering all pieces of the mailing to the mail shop on time and on budget requires someone to sweat myriad logistical details, including catching any artwork issues while they’re still inexpensive to fix.

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