Offset Postage Expense by Using USPS Promotions

There are two promotions that just began February 1 and run until July 31. We believe the most advantageous choice for nonprofits and commercial mailers is the Tactile, Sensory, and Interactive promotion. Mailers can achieve up to a 5% discount on postage for using various techniques that enhance the mailing, engage the senses – and get the donors and buyers to interact! From various stocks, coatings, even affixed member cards – there are a variety of techniques that may qualify. usps promotions

  • Sensory treatments could include metallic inks and or colors that change in UV light. Think shine!
  • Tactile could include added textures such as embossing, varnishes, scents, or holographic effects. Think touch or scent!
  • Interactive can include complex folds, zip strips, and affixed cards!

The other promotion is the Personalized Color Transpromo. However, it is a bit more niche, as it is only for First-Class Mail presort and automation letters containing bills and statements and making use of digital variable technology. This promotion has also begun and runs until July 31. The USPS provides upfront discounts up to 3%-4%; 3% to mailers who use dynamic and variable color print for personalized, transpromotional marketing messages on their bills and statements that do not include CRM or BRM and 4% discount for CRM or BRM inclusion.

The next upcoming promotion which will run from May 1- November 30, is the Emerging Technology promotion, which now includes Mobile Shopping. It can be as simple as placing a qualifying QR code on your mailing that leads to a donation page or as exciting as augmented or virtual reality! The postage discount ranges from 3-4%, depending on the technique that is used.

We expect more information on the new Reply Mail IMbA and Retargeting promotions, and the updated guidelines for the 2023 Informed Delivery promotion to be released soon!

As always, PMG is here to help you realize the absolute best rates possible by utilizing USPS promotions and commingling and/or drop shipping. We can analyze every mailing to determine the most cost-effective delivery strategy to help you meet your delivery and budget goals.

Please let us know if we can answer any questions or assist in any way.