Leigh Ann Doyle

We want to give a big round of applause to Leigh Ann Doyle, our newly-promoted Senior Specialist of Mail Design & Postal Procedures! Leigh Ann has been with us for 9 years as a Production Manager and has always been a resource for her colleagues and clients to assist with proper mail piece design and postal regs. As a result of her recent promotion, we are now calling her our ‘Postal Ninja.’

In addition to managing the production of millions of direct mail packages each year, she serves on the DMAW Educational Foundation and presents to numerous industry groups on all-things direct mail production. Leigh Ann will serve as the in-the-know postal specialist keeping her colleagues and all of PMG’s clients up to date on postal-related issues such as rate changes, industry and/or legislative issues, package design, and USPS promotions. Should you have any questions or concerns about rates, sizes, automation, or how to use promotions offered by the postal service, reach out to Leigh Ann, our resident Postal Ninja.

Congrats on your promotion, Leigh Ann!