One of the secrets of effective production management is to conduct a thorough prepress preflight review to ensure you catch problems while they are still inexpensive to fix.  You will never regret taking the time to check each of the following elements before sending final art to the printer:

  • Fonts: Are all fonts available and embedded correctly in the file? Is the type sharp?
  • Images: Are all images of high enough resolution (typically 300 dpi) to print clearly?  If any images are compressed, has the compression method jeopardized production quality in any way?
  • Print Layout: Are all page elements printing?   Is your document set up to the correct final trim size and does it incorporate sufficient bleed?  Are any undesirable white spaces showing between elements?
  • Folds: Are all of your folds set up correctly?
  • Typos: Now that you can see the entire piece, take the time to check once again for any typos.
  • Compliance with Postal Regulations: Does the address show clearly through the window on the envelope?  Is any content infringing on areas designated for address information or USPS scan lines?

While you can rely on your printer to check art quality and tolerances, this could end up costing you both time and money.  If a second proof is required, for example, it could delay your mail date and result in additional charges.

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