The USPS announced hefty new postage rates across all major classes of mail on May 28th. The average increase will be 6.9 percent effective August 29, 2021, right as the fall fundraising season gets underway. Nonprofit Marketing Mail rates are increasing 7.8 percent on average.

Our colleagues at MailSmart Logistics are working quickly to determine how these new postage increases will affect our clients’ postage pricing and commingling rates. We expect commingle rates to increase in the 3.25% – 3.75% range for Nonprofit Mail, and in the 5.25% – 5.75% range for Commercial Mail. We will confirm this soon and will provide an update here.

We highly recommend a complete Postal Logistics Review to uncover any opportunities for cost savings. We will work with you and our colleagues at MailSmart Logistics to analyze your Standard Class, Parcels, First Class, Drop Ship and Commingle mail with the goal of maximizing your overall postal savings. Increasing your commingling volumes to achieve the best rate possible is one of the easiest ways to lessen the impact of this unprecedented postage increase.

The PMG Client Services Team will be contacting all clients in the days ahead to start this special Postal Logistics Review process.

And if you’re new to PMG, please contact us and we’ll set up a free Postal Logistics Review for you. With these new postage rate hikes looming, we’re eager to provide you with expert guidance to maximize your postal savings.

We’re here for you!