Informed Delivery, which provides users with digital previews of their upcoming mail, continues to see strong subscriber and campaign growth.

PMG has worked with our clients on Informed Delivery since mid-2017 and last reported on this innovative USPS program back in June of 2018. Compare the program’s stats then and now:

  June 2018 January 2019
Registered Users 10.6 million 15 million
Email Enabled Users 5.6 million 10.2 million
Completed Campaigns 2,180 6,995
Participating Brands 517 1,265


For the 10.2 million subscribers who receive Informed Delivery Daily Digest emails, open rates remain strong at 62.7%.

The USPS continues to invest in multi-channel acquisition campaigns to grow Informed Delivery subscriptions nationwide.

The USPS offers Informed Delivery for FREE to both subscribers and mailers.

To incentivize more mailers to participate, the USPS is offering a 2% discount off postage for mailings that incorporate Informed Delivery campaigns. This promotion runs from September 1 through November 30, 2019.

informed delivery
Source: USPS

In addition to several campaigns we have managed, our team has received Informed Delivery campaigns from a variety of mailers recently, with retailer use especially strong:

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PMG is seeing more and more nonprofit organizations use Informed Delivery to boost their mail campaigns, including environmental groups, healthcare, and international humanitarian organizations.

“Extend the mail moment” by integrating your direct mail campaigns with colorful digital campaign elements and online links. It’s easier than ever to set up campaigns, and PMG can help you manage the details.

And remember, Informed Delivery campaigns are FREE, and include a special 2% postage discount for your September – November 2019 mailings. Contact us today to get started!