October is Employee Ownership Month, and we’re celebrating PMG’s 100% Employee-Ownership and its benefits to our employees, our company, our clients and suppliers, and our industry.

We’re eager to promote the positive ripple effects of employee-ownership and to encourage more companies to become employee-owned.

Here’s why employee-ownership at PMG is so awesome:

  • Every employee has a vested interest in the performance of the company. We’re keenly aware that everything we do, every day directly impacts us all. That keeps us client-focused.
  • Our employee-owners have a deep, relentless interest in helping our clients achieve success. We pursue operational excellence and handle our clients’ needs with exceptional care and attention. We advocate for our clients every day. 
  • Our employee-owners are empowered to overcome challenges and quickly adapt to the changing needs of our clients and the markets we serve. We’re constantly looking for ways to make our customer experience better.
  • PMG serves as a trusted, independent partner to our clients. We always act with our clients’ best interests in mind.
  • We deeply value our supplier-partners. We have forged strong, long-term relationships with the supplier-partners we work with, who stand behind us through thick and thin.
  • In a competitive job market, employee-ownership helps PMG attract the best talent in the industry. Employee-ownership provides true equity opportunities for every PMG team member.
  • Employee-ownership reinforces our company culture, which is built on our “spirit of good” philosophy: We offer a fun, friendly, and supportive work environment. We seek out good people to work with among staff, clients, and suppliers. We support good causes through our community outreach efforts. We encourage our employees to take initiative, make thoughtful decisions, and build trust with teammates, clients, and suppliers.  

PMG is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Four years ago, we became 100% employee-owned. Employee ownership empowers our team, protects our wonderful culture, keeps us client-focused, and positions us for continued growth in the future, providing even more opportunities for success for every PMG team member.

There are many resources available online about the benefits of employee ownership, how to get started, and why employee-owned companies are becoming the employers of choice for job seekers. We’re happy to share our experiences with you as well. Feel free to contact us to have a conversation.