With coronavirus so much in the news, we want to assure you that the PMG family is taking every possible step to ensure continued and uninterrupted support for your critical direct marketing and fundraising programs:

  • We are fully capable of operating in a 100% remote way; both local and remote staff are accustomed to working remotely on a regular basis – remote infrastructure, workflows, and culture are already in place
  • At present, almost 50% of our employees reside outside the Washington, DC metro area and most of those are dispersed in states ranging from Florida to Tennessee to New Hampshire
  • All of our systems, applications, and processes are either web-based or fully accessible by us through secure Remote Desktop and VPN; our communications systems are also web-based and we use a variety of tools to prevent interruption
  • All of our client work is managed by teams, so if we do have folks go out sick, we have cross-trained teammates
  • We also have several very senior folks who are currently part-time; they have indicated a willingness to increase their hours if we have extensive absences
  • Our core production supplier base of approximately 30 is dispersed throughout the country, so we can shift work if needed; we define core as tried and true, very loyal partners who will not walk away from us in a crisis. And very importantly, both printers and mail shops have been deemed “essential” businesses in the national supply chain, and therefore are remaining open even in states that have issued shelter in place or other restrictive directives.
  • Our larger production supplier group of about 100 is also spread nationwide (but often more expensive or specialized)
  • All data processing, merge-purge, and list fulfillment systems are accessible by our teams through secure Remote Desktop or VPN connections from anywhere
  • Because we manage postal logistics in-house and use multiple commingle and drop ship partners, we will be able to shift the mail as needed
  • Our digital team, The Engage Group, can also access all systems and client programs securely from remote locations anywhere

In sum, we feel we are well-prepared. Our bigger concerns are price and turnaround: it may cost more and take longer to put mailings out if the coronavirus outbreak hits as hard as some think it may. But at that point, we all would have to be concerned about the postal service and their ability/willingness to even deliver standard and nonprofit mail.

We are happy to answer any specific questions you may have about our services and business continuity plan. You may reach out directly to Chip Heartfield, Chief Operating Officer, at chip@pmgdirect.net.

We will keep you updated on any changes or new developments. Take care and thank you for your partnership.

The PMG Family