April 23, 2020

To Our Clients, Supplier/Partners, Colleagues, and Industry Friends:

Here is an update on what PMG is doing to ensure continued and uninterrupted support for your critical direct marketing and fundraising programs during the pandemic:

  •  We continue to operate remotely; both local and remote staff are accustomed to working remotely on a regular basis – remote infrastructure, workflows, and culture were already in place before we transitioned to a 100% remote operation.
  • All of our systems, applications, and processes are either web-based or fully accessible by us through secure Remote Desktop and VPN; our communications systems are also web-based and we use a variety of tools to prevent interruption. All systems have been running smoothly.
  • All of our client work is managed by teams, so if we do have folks go out sick, we have cross-trained teammates. Fortunately, our staff is currently healthy and we have not needed to shift any work within teams.
  • Several very-senior team members who currently work part-time are willing and ready to increase their hours if we have extensive absences.
  • Our core production supplier base of approximately 30 is dispersed throughout the country, so we can shift work if needed. We define core as tried and true, very loyal partners who will not walk away from us in a crisis. Thus far we have not had to shift any work from our existing suppliers.
  • All our supplier partners, as essential businesses, continue to operate, although they have implemented social distancing policies that can reduce workforce on site. Due to the reduction of print work in the market, some smaller print shops are only running presses a few days per week. Label manufacturers have noted a longer lead time due to their increased internal lead times sourcing raw materials.
  • Our larger production supplier group of about 100 is spread nationwide (but often more expensive or specialized) and continues to operate, in some cases with reduced workforces.
  • Pricing and schedules for overseas textile premiums could potentially be impacted as manufacturers switch to producing personal protective equipment.
  • Caging companies are operating with reduced staff and work hours. PMG production managers are now scheduling and alerting our caging contacts with enough lead time to prevent delays on scanline approvals.
  • All data processing, merge-purge, and list fulfillment systems are accessible by our teams through secure Remote Desktop or VPN connections from anywhere, and all work proceeds on schedule.
  • Because we manage postal logistics in-house and use multiple commingle and drop ship partners, we are able to shift the mail as needed. The MailSmart Logistics team meets regularly to provide updates on all aspects of operations, clients, partners, and the postal system. All operations are running smoothly.
  • Our digital team, The Engage Group, can also access all systems and client programs securely from remote locations anywhere and continues to serve its clients efficiently.

In sum, PMG continues to provide ongoing support for your direct marketing and fundraising programs, with operations running smoothly. We continue to closely monitor our production partners, postal logistics operations and the US postal system, and are well-prepared for any contingencies that may arise in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

We are happy to answer any specific questions you may have about our services and business continuity plan. You may reach out directly to Chip Heartfield, Chief Operating Officer, at chip@pmgdirect.net.

We will keep you updated on any changes or new developments as we navigate this evolving situation together. Take care and thank you for your partnership.

The PMG Family