Brian Jacobs, account managerPlease help us congratulate Brian Jacobs on his promotion to Account Manager.

October 15th will mark Brian’s two year anniversary with PMG. He was first hired as an Account Coordinator to provide background help with pricing, proposals and a large client’s complex, rapid-turnaround Acknowledgement program.

In his initial interview, Brian asked how long before he would be interacting with clients. We responded by saying we’d take our time and see how he liked direct mail, coming from an e-commerce background, and how quickly he adapted to the direct mail side. Well, It didn’t take long for the professionalism in his work to show and now client interaction is a central part of his job.

Brian believes in taking full ownership – and responsibility – for any projects and programs he is assigned. As part of his promotion to Account Manager, he has been onboarding and is now fully managing several new direct mail fundraising clients.

Thanks, Brian, for your hard work. We are glad you are part of the team!