The letter, artwork and layout are approved and the files are now in the printer’s hands.

Whew, you breathe a sigh of relief.

But, soon you will be looking at all those images and copy again at the Press Check. So just what should you be looking for when you go on a press check?

10 Things to Evaluate at a Press Check

  1. Is the paper stock the correct weight and color?Direct-Mail-Fundraising-Press-Check
  2. Have all corrections requested been completed and now included in your final proof?
  3. Are there any missing elements or copy changes from the Press Sheet?
  4. Are there any broken letters or imperfections in the type?
  5. Is the type sharp, especially when the type is a color-build
  6. Is the Press Sheet in proper registration, including 4-Color Images and Color Builds?
  7. Do the four-color images match the Color Proof as close as possible?
  8. Look for any hickeys, blemishes or anything unusual?
  9. If you have Cross-overs, as is common in Magazines and Catalogs… does the color match from page to page?
  10. Do the bleeds extend beyond the crop marks?

Press checks are a critical step in ensuring your mail piece looks good and yields the best response. At PMG we take this step of our production management services very seriously. It’s not uncommon for a production manager to hop on a plane to go to a press check to make sure each and every element of a project is just perfect.

Want to take that To Do off your list? PMG can help with your direct mail fundraising and your press checks!